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Spider-Squirrel #3 (Vol.1, Digital)

Spider-Squirrel #3 (Vol.1, Digital)

SKU: SS003-Digital

Spider-Squirrel & Trash Panda are BFFs, dorm-mates, and superheroic crimefighting buddies. That is, when they're not arguing over pizza toppings, trying to score dates in a night club, or eating burritos...


Spider-Squirrel is an action-packed, funny, buddy-cop, superhero comicbook from Xion Studios!


This series is all about having fun with superheroes. Sure, we'll get serious occasionally, but if you just want to laugh, or roll your eyes, or guffaw, or just enjoy your comics, this is perfect for you. Heck you should try it anyway!


Issue 3 takes us into our dramatic conclusion! All hell breaks loose, and our guys are just the ones to clean it up! Well, mostly...


Rated T+ for action, violence, mild language, and occassional innuendo. No nudity or gore.

  • 43MB PDF

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