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GodQuest: Milestone #1 (Digital)

GodQuest: Milestone #1 (Digital)


Spinning directly out of Spider-Squirrel Volume One comes GODQUEST: MILESTONE! Imagine someone with the power of the Silver Surfer and the loneliness & guilt of Daredevil, with the universe hanging in the balance of his decisions!


Cole Morgan single-handedly ended World War 2 and personally brought Hitler to justice.


But his story didn't end there. In fact, this is where it started. Abducted by a mad scientist and used for his abilities to manipulate the four fundamental forces of the universe, Cole was released from his prison by Spider-Squirrel*, only to find out that he is a new breed of god on Earth. Cole Morgan may not want to be the most powerful man in the universe…


…but, he doesn’t have a choice. What he does next will be the Milestone that saves or destroys the entire world.


*more on this in an upcoming back-up story in Spider-Squirrel Vol.2!

  • 20MB PDF

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